A Church They’d Go To.

Brian Jakowski
2 min readFeb 8, 2023
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As the bar crowd started pouring into a little diner, Sally was extra loud when she sat down next to Pastor Tony.

She asked, “Ya want some company?”

“No thanks,” he responded.

“Damn! Looks like I ain’t making no money tonight,” Sally shouted. She and her friends sat talking and laughing with Tony.

Getting up to leave Sally said, “Well gotta go check on Mom and the kids, but I’ll see you tomorrow night for my birthday”.

After she left Tony asked Larry, the diner owner, “Does she come in at the same time every night?”

“Like clockwork.”

“Why don’t we give her a birthday party?” Tony suggested and continued after a pause, “I’ll get here early and bring the cake”

Surprised, Larry said, “Great idea I’ll get everything else ready.”

The next night Tony arrived carrying a big cake that read, Happy Birthday Sally, and the diner was decorated for a party. When Sally came in with a few friends and the people waiting shouted, “Surprise, happy birthday!”

Fighting back tears she said, “You’re joking this ain’t no party for me. Who’d give me a party?”

Larry said, “We would! Look, your name’s even on the cake!”

After blowing out the candles, she picked up the cake and asked,

“Can I take it home and show my mom and kids? Ain’t no one ever give me a cake before.”

They all said, “Sure Sally, it’s your cake.”

Walking out the door, still in tears, Sally said, “Damn, they ain’t never gonna believe this one! I promise I’ll bring it back!”

Getting up to leave, Tony said, “Well I’ve got to go. I was just in town for work and I’m heading home tomorrow.”

“Sorry to see you go, that was great what you did for Sally. Yeah, she’s a hooker, but she’s good people,” Larry said, and adds, “Hey, what kind of work do you do anyway?”

Tony, answered, “I’m a pastor and I was teaching at a local church conference.”

“Yeah right,” Larry quipped, “What kind of pastor are you?

“The kind that gives a birthday party to a hooker,” said Tony.

Larry quickly shot back, “I’ll go to your church any day!”

(Excerpted from a video by Tony Campolo)

There you have it, what the church needs to bring people back through its doors is the Gospel of grace. Pure and simple, just like Jesus did with the women at the well, Tony showed God’s grace and love by accepting and loving her as she was.

So what’s next, Find a Sally or Larry in your life and be Jesus to them. Do the stuff, Listen, accept, love, and serve; Let Jesus do the rest.



Brian Jakowski

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